Negotiating the French Language to make your Purchase

In a detailed article by The Telegraph Charles Jennings raises the point of how tricky it can be to buy a property in France if you have no grip of the estate agent jargon – in French. There are many British citizens now purchasing property in France but a large majority seem to overlook the importance of being able to say exactly what they want in a house. Jennings explains using personal experience how a language school in France that has been specially designed for Brits hunting for their perfect French home teaches them the lingo that will save them time and money as well as disappointment. Every kind of eventuality that can crop up when trying to negotiate with a French estate agent is covered, so that the Brits are well equipped and confident. Although the class is intense there is plenty of opportunity to discover the delights of French life when out of the classroom, making it possible to experience the kind of culture that will become an every day thing once the move has taken place. When it comes to buying property in another country like France, learning the lingo that can make it a smoother process is vital.

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