Pyrenees Orientales - French Property


The Pyrenees Orientales is a department located in the South West of France, and consists of three river valleys in the Pyrenees mountain range. The Pyrenees Orientales is a prime location for holiday makers, and is becoming increasingly more popular with those seeking properties in France. There are several towns that reside in the Pyrenees

Orientales, offering scenic views of the mountains, as well as plenty of activities for all the family. As the Pyrenees Orientales is France's most Southern department it has a warm and sunny climate throughout the year, making it an ideal destination for those seeking the perfect French property.


The city of Perpignan is the capital of the Pyrenees Orientales, and is a modern area that has a growing population of over 160,000 people, making it a great destination for young couples and families. The city boasts a wide range of activities to take part in, including a visit to the Castillet, or castle of Perpignan dating from the fourteenth century, and the regular and impromptu night-time concerts to enjoy.


The town of Elne is situated 12 km from Perpignan, and is a beautiful place where you can really explore the history of France. The town has a long and complicated history, filled with invasion and revolution, making it an incredibly interesting location. Today, there are many activities to experience, including golf courses, horse riding, and for relaxation, several beaches.

Argeles sur Mer

Ten minutes by road from Elne and 8 miles from Perpignan takes you to Argeles sur Mer, a bustling market town where there is something to do all year round. It provides beautiful scenery, being set against the backdrop of the Pyrenees Mountains, and a good selection of outdoor pursuits, including cycling, sailing, and miles of sandy beaches. There are excellent restaurants so you can experience the best in French cuisine.

The popular town of Thuir is an unspoilt area with traditional shops and restaurants, residing in the Pyrenees Orientales around 12 miles from Perpignan airport. Its medieval streets will take you back in time for a relaxing experience, and located in the heart of the town is the famous Byrrh winery, where you can take a tour and taste the range of wines that are produced there, including the Byrrh apértif.


The Pyrenees Orientales provides a wide range of outdoor pursuits, to suit all ages and abilities. Because of the areas natural, diverse beauty and excellent climate, walking has become a natural activity to participate in and there a many different walks to choose from. One walk in particular, the Via Domintia can provide you with a historically rich walk, as the route spans the length of the Pyrenees Oritentales and passes by Romanesque abbeys and churches, as well as castles.

All walks through the Pyrenees Orientales are filled with historical buildings, and amazing scenery and wildlife, making it a great way to get out and about and explore the department more extensively.

The Pyrenees Orientales provides excellent opportunity for skiing, and there are several resorts to choose from, including the Font-Romeu resort. This popular resort lies on the border of France and Spain, and provides all the facilities that you could need for a memorable skiing experience.

There are many activities to enjoy against the setting of the beautiful Pyrenees Orientales, such as climbing, horse riding, cycling and water sports. There is something for every member of the family, and at every time of the year.

Pyrenees Orientals - History

The Pyrenees Orientales has a varied history that spans centuries, resulting in a department that offers a great mix of culture and traditions. Incorporating towns that have suffered invasions and extensive changes means that the department provides a diverse location for any holiday makers to visit, or for those who are seeking to buy their ideal French property.


Because of the superb year-round climate, wide variety of outdoor activities and exceptional scenery, more and more people are looking to find their own property in the Pyrenees Orientales. Properties in this popular department are fairly expensive, with the capital, Perpignan being an especially sought after location. As a result, buying a property in the department and in particular Perpignan can be expensive, but considering the diverse landscapes and activities that the area provides, the price will be worth it.