Herault - France Property

The department of Herault is located in the region of Languedoc-Roussillon in South West France with a coastline on the Mediterranean Sea. Herault borders the departments of Gard to the North and Aude to the south. To the West is the region of Midi-Pyrenees. Herault has a population of approximately 90 000, the three most populated cities being Montpellier, Sete and Beziers.

Herault has a climate that is dry and arid along the coast but a more temperate Mediterranean climate inland. It is generally hot and dry as expected this far south but the area is also well known for its strong winds. The department boasts a figure of over 300 days of sunshine a year.

Department Capital

The capital of Herault and of Languedoc-Roussillon is the University city of Montpellier with a population of 230 000. It is situated on a fertile plane only 8 miles from the Mediterranean Sea. Montpellier was once a medieval walled city but boulevards have now been built on the site of the city's former walls. The present day Montpellier is the region's centre for commercial and manufacturing industries, as well as a popular tourist destination. The centre is nearly all pedestrianised with lots of bars and restaurants and a lively atmosphere.

Other Areas

Herault has 60 miles of coastline with 13 marinas spread along its length. Most of the coastal area is part of a conservation zone, meaning it is one of the most protected and therefore unspoilt coastlines on the Mediterranean. Towns on the coast include Sete, and Le Cap d'Agde. Sete is probably the most important fishing port on the French Mediterranean coast. Le Cap d'Agde is the largest purpose built tourist resort in the whole of Europe. It can accommodate up to 100,000 tourists at any one time.

Herault's second largest town Beziers is at the centre of the largest wine making area of France. Beziers was burnt to the ground in the early 13th Century but the prosperity brought to the town by a boom in the wine industry enabled the city to be restored to its original form. The surrounding scenic hills are dominated by Beziers' valuable vineyards.

Moving inland from the beaches and saltwater lagoons, the land gradually rises into the beautiful and craggy southern area of the Cevennes. It is a picturesque landscape complete with lakes, gorges, rivers, and mountains. An ideal landscape for outdoor recreation.


Herault's diverse landscape offers a variety of activities from relaxing on the sun drenched beaches to a multitude of different adventure sports.

Explorers will find hundreds of kilometres of marked out pathways that can be travelled by foot, on horseback or mountain bike. This is a perfect way to take in the historical places of interest and view the spectacular mountains of the region.

For those keen on water sports there's plenty of scope for kayaking and white water rafting through stunning mountain gorges. Also, fishing, sailing, kite surfing and more at the numerous beaches and lakes including the popular Lac du Salagou.

For something more sedate Herault offers many golf courses including the international 18 hole golf course at Juvignac near Montpellier. A course that uses to its advantage the landscape and natural vegetation.


Due to recent economic expansion the price of property in Herault has been going up and is still increasing. Despite this increase in value, properties are generally much lower than in the neighbouring areas of Provence and Riviera.

As you would expect Montpellier is the most expensive city in Herault (as well as the whole of the Languedoc-Roussillon.) But it's not just in the big towns that prices are on the up; the upward trend is similar outside the big towns as Herault becomes increasingly more popular.

As expected in such a diverse region styles and prices are extremely varied. Available properties include traditional stone farmhouses, bergerie, modern villas, mazets as well as chateaus and vineyards.

How to get there

There are international airports in Montpellier and Beziers with flights from Paris. Ryan air, GB Airways and British Airways also fly to Montpellier.